Ask about our "Buy one

Gift one" take away program to help food insecure families in our area. 


Authentic Paella

at your place


"our paella was amazing

and my guests loved 

watching the process



Catering that is an Event

Private Paella Parties


Catering in homes, businesses and venues since 2013. Serving from ten guests to hundreds our paella is an elegant display showing your guests a truly unique experience. Do something memorable!


Gift a Paella

When you order a take away paella, you will receive a 2nd paella to gift to someone with a food need. Ask for details when inquiring. 

 Take Away Paella 


Check out our "Take Away"  options under the SHOP tab above. We now offer our paellas for  you to enjoy at home.  Family pans or trays available Friday - Sunday.