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We love making that special day for your son or daughter even more memorable. With so many unique paella offerings, we excel at coming up with a menu truly unique for you.  Have a party that is taking place over the course of a day? We can offer appetizers and paellas through several service periods to accomodate a flowing party.  Just want paella dropped off?  We can supply everyting you need for the day along with the meal.

Imagine one of our paellas being created at your summer home along the Jersey shore. When we arrive on location, many of our clients are in awe of our organization and our highly specialized cooking equipment.  We have paella pans that are up to 3 feet across and can serve 60 guests per paella.  Combine a couple or several to feed 100's. Impressive to say the least. 

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Beach House Parties

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Special Events

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Having a special get together this summer? We are a perfect match for outdoor festivals.  On your sprawling property or athletic complex we will set up virtually anywhere outdoors. We have tents to serve beneath and complete buffet set ups including spandex tablecovers.  Very cool.  

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