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Watching this fabulous dish come together on a caribbean beach in a pan that would feed a small army I realized I had to make this dish when i got home.  After years of trial and error I launched Fresh Grill Catering & Paella in 2013 with paella as part of a larger catering offering.  Since then we have developed a passionate following for our creative cuisine across Southern New Jersey. Now exclusively a paella caterer, FG Paella is known for it's authenticity to the true traditon of this Spanish dish. 


The main ingredient, Calasparra Rice is grown in the mountainous region of it's namesake.  A small, almost round rice, Calasparra absorbs 3x it's volume in liquid which means it absorbs much more flavor than more commonly known long grain rice varieties. Yet it does not become sticky.  We also use another key ingredient- Saffron. One of the world's most unique spices, it is derived from the Crocus flower. Workers painstakingly pluck no more than 3 threads at a time from each flower which leads to it's high cost.  All of our paellas are created by one of our trained chefs and typically take up to two hours to complete. Whether it's a seafood paella with shrimp, scallops, mussels & clams, a Madrid paella with chorizo & smoked pulled chicken, a vegan paella or any combination, we will select only the best ingredients for each of our dishes. 

Give your guests something truly unique in catering that they will talk about for years. Treat them to a Fresh Grill Paella!  


It all began one summer on the beach........
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